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Stylista's Anne Slowey Scares Contestant Into ER Visit

It's not really clear whether or not Elle's Anne Slowey is playing up the whole Cruella-wears-Prada character on Stylista, or if that's really how she is. Whatever the case, it's entertaning, except to the contestants. Jason, an aspiring clothing designer, was so freaked out by the impending judging and elimination ceremony that he broke out into a rash. Then he got freaked out by that and had to go to the bathroom. Then he got freaked out from feeling sick to his stomach and unable to breathe. Then he got so freaked out by not being able to breathe that he began rolling around on the floor grabbing his chest and crying. He freaked out more when people said they were going to call 911, because he really wanted to talk to Anne during judging. The EMT ended up taking him away. Clip above.


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I won't say how I know this, but: Anne both is and is not like this in real life. I mean, she's scary but in an unbalanced, hilarious way. Last week someone jacked the heat up in the office and Anne, in protest, took off her pants. And sat around her office with no pants on for like a solid hour. She also likes to yell inappropriate things through a bullhorn. She's actually kind of awesome.