Stylista Is Bringing Bitchy Back

Stylista, the reality show where contestants compete to be a "junior editor" at Elle, debuted last night, and it was a delightful festival of bitchery. Joe Zee, Elle creative director, told the Observer at the show's premiere party, "We weren't mean to be mean. We were mean because we were being honest." He's practically brimming with "honesty" in this YouTube clip, where he's evaluating each contestant's outfit as Elle-worthy or poopworthy. Sure, it's a low rent reality knock off of The Devil Wears Prada, but it sure is fun!At The Stylista Premiere, Anne Slowey Charms; Joe Zee: 'We Weren't Mean To Be Mean' [Observer]

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Maybe I am crazy, but I thought the "bitchy" attitude was put on and unconvincing. It seemed like the judges, Zee and Slowey, were pouring it on. I got the sense they may be more reasonable to deal with in person, off camera. The third judge, whose name escapes me right now, actually seemed pleasant, and her criticsm was constructive. Am I alone here?

Also, did any one else notice that Madame Slowey could not walk in her heels?