Stylista Finale: Megan Gets Angry On Camera, At Internet

Stylista's resident villain Megan came in third place on last night's finale — then threw a temper tantrum — even though she assured us of her qualifications: Her Google results.

So we took her up on that!

It was difficult finding info on 22-year-old Megan Johnson without also adding Stylista to the search. However, after finding out the name of the boutique she once owned, Addict, we did find a little piece about her store from Teen Vogue. As we know from watching the show — and her interview with Elle editor in chief Robbie Myers — Megan went to Fordham for one year before she dropped out to open the high-end clothing store Addict in the fancy part of the East Village with her business partner Ashley Thompson. She then supposedly sold the store because she "was bored." Ashley now owns another store in the same location called Owl Lab.

Megan was also all up in the comments of Elle's blog, talking smack about Stylista, and about her rival Kate, who she alleges is a homophobe.

The best find, perhaps, is Megan's own blog that she posts on several times a day. She talks about how she had a tumor on her neck during the taping of the show, which has since been surgically removed. She also posts frequently about fashion, but a good deal of the blog seems to be a window into how affected she was by being a reality TV subject, how she felt manipulated by editing, and how she's let negative internet comments get to her. As unlikeable as she appears, we hope that, for her sake, she'll soon realize that internet message boards — much like the fashion industry — is rife with people who channel their insecurities by talking out of their asses.

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This show was just toxically bad. The only person I actually liked was Katie (who I still call "Boobs," but with affection) because she was actually trying to learn about how to do her job.

Dyshaun was a horrible person on the show. Just absolutely horrible - like Katie said, if he'd been a straight man making comments like "on your knees is a good place for you, Chlamydia" there would have been serious repercussions. That doesn't make her a homophobe, that makes her a person who dislikes hateful people.

Blergh. I watched it, but I didn't like myself for it :P