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Stylista: Anne Slowey Can "Run The Bulls" In Stilettos

The best Stylista challenges are the ones that exist solely to reiterate Anne Slowey's importance. On last night's episode, the contestants were given $1,000 each to style and buy Anne a complete outfit from Henri Bendel so she could bring it with her on a last minute trip to the Hamptons. Whichever ensemble Anne liked the best was the challenge winner. The contestants had to meet her on a cobblestone street in Manhattan's Meatpacking district, which Anne was seen hobbling through on a pair of stilettos. The life lesson we all learned from this challenge is that 1) she doesn't like a lot of shiny things around her neck and 2) orange is her least flattering color. Clip above.


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I'm sorry, Kate cannot be real. She has to be planted there or something. Her favorites are Bebe and Playboy? Really? How did she make it past casting? Can she really be deluded enough to think she can win? And now her entire m.o. is to bitch and pout about what she wants to do, and threaten everyone that if she doesn't get her way she is going to call them all out at the panel. I'm all for rooting for the underdog, but she is just as bad as the people who are picking on her, as shown by her attack on Danielle last night.

That is, unless I am right and she is fake, fake, fake.