Stylist/Reality Star Rachel Zoe Would Like Some Sympathy

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  • Poor Rachel Zoe! "I thought: I've done blood, sweat and tears for 15 years - why am I the victim here? I have had the nastiest things said about me! I don't understand." [NY Post]
  • Shockingly, the CFDA's "Health Booth" (which educates fashionistas about eating) is deserted. [NY Mag]
  • You already knew Sean Lennon was an ass: Spotted at Fashion Week, the modelizer "wore a magisterial women's coat with gold buttons and a top hat decorated with Native American bands. His girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, wore a coyote headdress." [NY Mag]
  • Justin Timberlake brings pissy back at his William Rast show. [WWD]
  • Punk legend Malcolm McLaren accuses son and Agent Provocateur founder Joe Corre of counterfeiting punk duds. "I think my son actually used – maybe – the original labels, because we didn't use them all up...There'd be a roll of ribbon around in the workroom and maybe my son got a hold of those. I think he did this before he set up Agent Provocateur. Or in order to set up Agent Provocateur and fund it, he made a number of these fake clothes and sold them to dealers in Japan." [Independent]
  • Speaking of Agent Provocateur: there's a new ad campaign! "Chanelling the gothic decadence of Hogarth, Caravaggio, Rubens and Delaroche's Execution of Lady Jane Grey, it is a seething orgiastic scene of girls on top, girls on girls and boys and beasts. Peaches (Geldof) and Daisy Lowe, the bad girls du jour, both star, as does the flame-haired American actress Paz de la Huerta, who holds court over a sacrifice of a topless virgin, accompanied by two male cohorts - David Bailey's Byronesque son, Fenton, and a 21-year-old albino boy named Alex." [Times of London]
  • Intrepid fashionistas weather the storm at Fashion Week; Tory Burch even went barefoot! [NY Mag]
  • Um, ex-squeeze us? Lifetime, the Project Runway-stealer, is delaying the premiere of the show's sixth season until January 2009. Resentment mounting. [Yahoo]
  • Are we the only ones who are totally sick of hockey player/budding fashionista Sean Avery? Now he's decorated some booth at hot spot Beatrice Inn with sunflowers. []
  • Apparently lacking creativity, designers start predicting trends via computer programs. [NY Times]
  • Knockoff jeans even bigger than knockoff bags! [UPI]
  • The political tee market is also booming. Yes, Obama's outselling Mac. [NPR]
  • The Mulleavy sisters keep their Rodarte label personal and awesome. "In 2005, to introduce themselves to the fashion world, the Mulleavy sisters sent out 30 handmade paper dolls, each with a paper armoire containing seven paper dresses. 'I was inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald's paper dolls,' explains Kate, who, like Fitzgerald, drew extensively accessorized wardrobes." [NY Times]
  • Dolce and Gabbana take their inspiration from Queen Elizabeth: "In place of riotous floral and animal prints, hour-glass corsetry and itsy-bitsy skirts came Argyle knits, oversized kilts that fall to mid-calf, printed silk headscarves and sensible footwear." We are not amused. [The Independent]
  • Almost all the shoes we wear are imported, "yet the U.S. still imposes a tax on imported shoes that can reach as high as 67%." [WSJ]
  • More PR for Ivory Coast fashion, as Patricia De Medeiros reinvents traditional motifs in her line, Tradition Mode. [Reuters]
  • Pat Field's collaboration with British frump-monger Marks and Spencer is a gamble. [Independent]
  • Iconic model Veruschka releases coffee table tome: "'I can't say that I have any favorite photographs,' she said. 'Though I do have some favorite memories of the days they were taken. Working with Avedon, for example, was always a joy. But then it was all joy because that was a joyous time.'" []
  • Scandal-plagued model Jodie Kidd comes by it naturally: her grandfather tried to bribe Winston Churchill. [This Is London]
  • PETA crashes DKNY, does nothing. [NY Mag]
  • Following a lackluster start, Halston feels the heat. [WSJ]
  • YSL has reformulated (we're guessing this means butch packaging) its Touche Eclat concealer for the metrosexual set. Zac Efron rejoices! [Telegraph]
  • The fashionistas heave a sigh of relief that both potential first ladies dig clothes. [Reuters]
  • DKNY, CK, battle it out at their runway shows for "most New York" designer. Doesn't Karan automatically win by having "New York" in her name? [Guardian]
  • Struggling to define itself, Old Navy shops ad agencies. Remember how cool it was when it opened? Can't they just rehire whoever did that? [AdWeek]


I went to college with Rachel Zoe (nee Rosenzweig) and she was always very into fashion. She was also gorgeous and it's amazing what tanning, smoking and not eating will do to a person. While I don't get all of the venomous hate, I do get why people are upset about the anorexic chic thing. She does claim to dress women of all sizes, so maybe the show will prove that.