What if you took two parts vintage photography, one part wacky hair, three parts adorable back stories, added lashings of reader-submitted content, and then called your mom, who loves you? You'd get the awesome blog My Mom, The Style Icon.

The blog posts pictures of users' mothers looking stylish. And they come with amazing anecdotes attached: this mom, with her perfect sunglasses and hangers in the back seat, was on her honeymoon in Cape Cod.

My Mom, Style Icon inspired me to look through some of our Past Fashion posts again. Of this photo, the contributor notes, "That thumb in the picture is my Dad's. They just celebrated 49 years, and he's still putting his thumb in pictures."


Here's another stylish lady on her honeymoon, in 1959. They're still married.


Wow. Just wow. A disco suit for homecoming!

This mom was a dancer on Dean Martin's show in the 60s. She went on to play Patty Simcox in Grease.


If you want to submit content — and I totally will be, when I go home for the holidays and can get my mitts on some family albums, 'cause my mom has mad style (and a freakish ability to navigate to a previously unknown thrift store in any town on the continent, including LaCrosse, Wisconsin; she should build an iPhone app for that and make millions) — e-mail pictures to momstyleicons@gmail.com.

My Mom, The Style Icon [Official Site]