You know how the tabloids are always expressing concern that Suri Cruise is "a miniature adult?" Well, we've discovered it has everything to do with her status as a fashion icon:

It's serious, people. Here's how the Telegraph puts it: "A study has shown that the wearing of inappropriate outfits is a serious problem for playgroups because the wrong dress can seriously disrupt a whole class." No, we're not talking baby minis and fishnets, but rather insufficiently warm wraps or fancy duds that are most definitely not play-clothes. Sadly, some kids are apparently worried about "ruining" nice outfits by playing in them. And, as the study's authors don't need to point out, playing is a really good thing for all kinds of physical and social reasons. Dr Kristen Copeland, who oversaw the study, said "stricter guidelines were needed "so that children's active play opportunities aren't curtailed". What would the guidelines be? "No Little Marc Jacobs or any other garment made for a swiftly-growing child that costs more than said child's tuition?"

The sad thing, according to EurekAlert, is that "the study shows that parents may need education about the importance and benefits of active play for children's development" - and this isn't benign neglect we're talking about, as much as specific instructions not to ruin fancy clothes. Maybe the fact that the price of fancy kid gear has stayed static even as other clothing has gone down has made it more of a prestige item than ever. But take heart: the luxury kids' market is actually on the wane. And if that's good for our children's physical and mental development, well, score one for the Recession. (We're guessing though that, if this is indicative of the parents' priorities, dressing the kids in Osh-Kosh isn't going to solve all problems.) Suri, however, will probably maintain her impeccable aesthetic, and now the tabs can bolster their faux sanctimony with a few "experts" while they're at it.

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