Just when you think the relationship between Republicans in Congress and President Obama can't get any more strained, one of those supposed "gentlemen" from the Hill goes and does something even more ridiculous than all of the other ridiculous things they've already done. This time the culprit is Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. (Pictured above havin' some fun with his pal Mittens.) Yesterday, Grassley tweeted:

Constituents askd why i am not outraged at PresO attack on supreme court independence. Bcause Am ppl r not stupid as this x prof of con law.

First of all, nice typng skllz, SN8or. Second, you know it's incredibly rude for a senator to call a sitting president stupid publicly, right? Oh, okay, you do, but you did it anyway. That's pure class, Grass. In case you were wondering if those were his words or the words of a mischievous hacker, they were definitely his. His aides were kind enough to confirm it was his tweet and to offer a much needed clarification on his meaning:

The Tweet is Sen. Grassley's. He is saying that it doesn't speak well of any constitutional law professor to not understand Marbury v Madison. The people understand the independence of the judiciary. So he thinks most Americans are smarter on the Constitution.


Ohhh, so he's not saying the President is necessarily stupid, just that the American people are smarter than he is. Well, that's TOTALLY fine then. Carry on.... And carry on he did. He later offered up this gem:

Possibility of peace and freedom for Syria gets more remote as PresO plays along w the farce of Kofi Annans negotiatios there Barack wakeup.


Yeah, PresO, wake the F up. Get those negotiatios (whatever those are) in order, you dummy!

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