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Stunt Worthy of a Rom Com Set to Become Rom Com

Illustration for article titled Stunt Worthy of a Rom Com Set to Become Rom Com

And so it comes full circle: That story about the couple who spent three weeks criss-crossing Eastern Europe sans suitcases as an OkCupid date is now crawling through the movie development process. Title: No Baggage. There's a screenwriter and everything!


That's according to Variety. About a year ago, Clara Bensen wrote up her escapade for Salon, dubbing it "the craziest OK Cupid date ever." (The competition for that crown is probably pretty steep, madam.) New Line Cinema quickly optioned the piece, which is one way to pay off your credit-card bill from a big vacation! They've slapped on the new title and hired Adam Brooks to write the script. Previous projects: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (ehhh) and Practical Magic (that's more like it).

Can't wait 'til David Fincher finally tackles all the freaks who write terrifying, abusive OK Cupid messages.


Photo via l i g h t p o e t/Shutterstock.

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