Apparently social scientists at Scotland's Aberdeen University took a theory from the pages of Woman Alive and decided to prove it: if you smile and flirt with someone, there's more of a chance that he or she will like you. The Independent reports that "'social cues' - someone's efforts to show how much they like a person, be it making eye contact, smiling, or a verbal 'come-on' - play a vital role in the blossoming of romance." I'm not making this shit up, people. Also helpful in getting someone interested in you? Telling them you like them! The BBC notes that Aberdeen psychologist and study leader Dr. Ben Jones says, "Combining information about others' physical beauty with information about how attracted they appear to be to you allows you to allocate your social effort efficiently."The rocket scientists at the BBC translate: "In other words, avoid wasting time on attractive individuals who appear unlikely to reciprocate." Wow. this stuff is revelatory. I suppose this study could be useful to The Rules type of girls still convinced that playing hard to get and pretending to be indifferent is the way to snag a man. But to the rest of us who actually enjoy assertiveness as opposed to manipulation, this research is perched in the back of the mental file cabinet we keep marked "No Shit." Declaring Love Boosts Sex Appeal [BBC] Scientists Deduce The Key To Finding Love: Declare It [Independent] Earlier: Woman Alive: Food For Life, Love, And Looks Author of The Rules Tricks Another Dude Into Marrying Her