Study: Overweight Women More Likely To Be Criminals

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The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut spent a year studying the detailed diaries of 41,218 adults, and they found that significantly overweight women suffer the highest levels of stress — including, perhaps, the stress of bank heists. The Telegraph reports that "overweight women are more likely to lose their jobs, be a victim of crime and have money troubles. They are also more likely to be criminals themselves." And that's not all: "obese women were more likely to face the death of a friend or relative [and] be sacked or made redundant…the workplace was where women experienced the highest level of stress, saying that they felt more discriminated against than their overweight male colleagues."But, as the normally insensitive Daily Mail points out, discrimination could play a huge part in these findings. "Discrimination leads to low self-esteem which means the victims do not stand up for themselves, losing out on promotion or being first in line when redundancies occur." The overweight women were also least likely to break up with a longterm partner or get a divorce. Of course, we're always just reading summaries of long reams of research in popular papers, so it's difficult to get a real sense of the study and the corresponding data. But some of the stories about this study wonder: are these women stressed out solely because they're overweight, or does the stress itself lead to the weight gain? Obesity Is A Curse For Women [Telegraph] Fat Chance: On The Scales Of Injustice, Overweight Women Always Lose Out


I've thought about embarking on a life of crime. I'm plump, pleasant-faced, middle-aged; therefore completely invisible and utterly indistinguishable from millions of others.