​Study: Online Dating Isn't As Efficient or Promising as We Think

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While some may still be hesitant to join the flashy (sometimes literally) world of online dating, it's obviously becoming more of an appealing option for those who are currently witnessing their own existential demise at the hands of loneliness. Well, bad news folks: relationships that start online don't last as long as relationships that start offline.


Researchers from Stanford and Michigan State University wanted to see if using dating websites actually results in successful non-marital relationships, and looked at the break-up rate as well. In a survey of 4,002 people, they found that breakups between unmarried and married people were more prominent in couples who met online, rather than couples who met in "offline venues."

The researchers pointed out that 1) the internet has waaaay too many options when it comes to dating—exclusivity is tough when you can always find something better, 2) the logistics of online communication means that online relationships simply take longer to develop, and 3) online daters take longer to build trust because the internet is still sketchy. You never know who's a real gentleman, and who is going to start a conversation with "Sit on my face please" (a message I definitely got this morning).

Don't worry, this doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed if you met your partner online, but it is certainly interesting. Is online dating just too casual? Does the fact that there are millions of people on OKCupid really lower our expectations of people while increasing our standards? According to the researchers, the success of a relationship simply depends on what you're looking for:

For married couples, it is important to have higher relationship quality to ensure marital longevity, while for romantic unmarried couples, it is important to spend time in developing the relationship to avoid breaking up.

Makes sense to me. Also, we're all going to die bitter and alone. C U THERE LYLAS!

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