Students Attend School Assembly, End Up Getting a Lecture on the Evils of Abortion and Being Gay

Junkyard Profits, a Christian rock band, were invited to Dunkerton High School in Iowa to give a presentation on the dangers of bullying. What they ended up giving was a crazy-ass powerpoint on how terrible it is to be gay and have abortions.

Bradlee Dean, the Junkyard Profits musician that delivered the lecture, is, without question, terrible (especially in the context of an anti-bullying assembly), but there's something magically misguided about his attempts to sway children by using the very relevant, very threatening Elton John as his prime example of immorality. If Elton even appears on these kids' radar at all , it's likely that he comes off more like a fun, drunk uncle than a harness-wearing pervert who lurks inside a glory hole while plotting a way to sneak you MDMA when you're finally not looking.

And, because you certainly want more of Bradleeeeeeee in your life, here are his comments on abortion. Do you think he has a wife yet/will he marry me?


High School Assembly Turns Into Homophobic, Anti-Abortion Rant [Buzzfeed]

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Kat Callahan

Is this a public high school? Was the assembly mandatory? Because if so, BZZT WRONG. Unconstitutional to the extreme.