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Student activists (some of whom we've covered) at college campuses across the country are turning their informal network of support into a national effort to ensure rape survivors know their rights. Learn more about "Know Your IX" here.

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Thank you for doing this. As a college administrator I work very hard to make sure that students who were sexually assaulted understand their rights and that their cases are brought to the appropriate end result.

Always ask for transparency and clarification. For example, I have moved students who were assaulted by a person in their building immediately. Logically, it would seem that we should be moving the perpetrator However, because the perp has the right to due process we can't always move them right away. Many of us who do this are really passionate on the issue and you aren't getting the response you want. Go above the person's head. Talk to someone else. There are many many feminists and social justice advocates doing this work.