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Strippers And Sex Workers On Conventions: Republicans, Nerds Make Best Customers

Illustration for article titled Strippers And Sex Workers On Conventions: Republicans, Nerds Make Best Customers

It's the day after Super Tuesday, and there are still so many unknowns about the upcoming political conventions. But if you've been alive for a few years, you probably know there is one very known known about them: They're like 1929 for the sex work business! Strippers and hookers reap funds like Ron Paul's website! And the news media eats that shit up. Of course, not all conventions were created equal, reports yesterday's Rocky Mountain News, hometown newspaper of the city hosting this years Dem Convention. Says longtime hooker Carol Leigh: "Computer conventions can be lucrative. There's a lot of nerds that don't get out much... It would be a lot better for the sex workers if it was the Republican convention. We get a lot more business. I don't know if they're just frustrated because of the family values agenda..." Hmmmm, think there's something to that? Don't answer that!


Anyway, I'm just hoping that now that we've covered this ingenious story angle once, we won't have to do it again, at least more than ten or twenty times. Also, calling all enterprising young female would-be investigative journalists thinking of working a job at a strip club in a convention town this summer with the intention of perhaps landing a wealthy pro-gun/life/abstinence/Bible/family type politician in your lap: only do it for the money. This is a really predictable and dated story idea and requires the ability to actually recognize Christian conservatives other than Mike Huckabee, which is not as easy as it seems, and your talents are hopefully better spent elsewhere; just a little PSA from a someone who loves, kthanxbai.

DNC Boost For Sex Club Biz [Denver Rocky Mountain News]
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@NefariousNewt: oy, i didn't even think of that. I can't imagine one finishing, unless they were fantasizing about tax cuts or the defense budget...

@Jeremy: That all sounds VERY painful. I don't think I've ever done a Repub, hope to keep it that way. I don't want my vadge to implode!