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Strip Club Hires Sarah Palin Lookalike Just in Time for Republican National Convention

Illustration for article titled Strip Club Hires Sarah Palin Lookalike Just in Time for Republican National Convention

Hoping to capitalize on conservative men's possibly-lingering collective crush, a Tampa Bay strip club has hired a Sarah Palin lookalike to headline during the Republican National Convention in an attempt to draw in business. But this Faux-Palin just any exotic dancer — she's adult film star Lisa Ann, who played Sarah Palin in several pornographic films about Sarah Palin. See? Republicans love women!


The doppelganger hire isn't all that Tampa Bay's strip clubs are doing to prep for the onslaught of men looking to watch boobies bounce around while thinking dirty thoughts about the pure, lily white thighs of the Second Amendment. Clubs have set up online chat rooms so that potential convention attendees can get a sneak peek at the women they might want to watch dance a month from now, when they're away from their wives or secret shame boyfriends.

Nothing more American than tucking bills containing faces of dead white guys into the thong of a woman who looks a lot like the first female Republican nomination for Vice President. Except maybe if the strip club were built on a Native person's house, without their consent.



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therealquash ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Not totally related, but they've apparently also extended last call from 2am to 3am because convention attenders will "need to eat." Um, what? Why can't you just say the Republicans want to go out drinking like everyone else? Why this little dance?