Stress: The Natural Bug Spray • Man Arrested For Revisiting Outhouse Pit

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• Scientists believe they may have discovered why mosquitoes leave some of us alone while they devour others. No, their blood does not "taste better." Mosquitoes respond to certain chemical odors, some of which are tied to stress.

• Researchers have found that the drugs used to treat bleeding after a woman has given birth, as well as the drugs administered to deal with labor pains, may impede milk production and hamper a new mother's ability to breastfeed her newborn. • Children as young as two or three have been shown to harbor certain negative stereotypes about the elderly. "We're seeing what we could call ageism by about age three," said University of Alberta researcher Sheree Kwong See. An obvious antidote? Taking toddlers to visit their grandparents. • Taco Bell has agreed to pay two 16-year-old former employees a total of $350,000 to make up for the fact that they were both raped by supervisor Terence E. Davis. Davis plead guilty to the charges, and will serve two concurrent eight year sentences. • GHB may be most commonly known as a "date rape" drug, but apparently, many people are sipping the stuff to get high. One capful gives a feeling similar to drinking five beers in five minutes, topped off with some PCP, but don't get too excited; it is incredibly dangerous and highly addictive. • Statistics New Queensland Health show that one in four abortions performed at 20 weeks or later went wrong in 2007. The figure is up 20% from 2003. • Three American men have been charged with molesting young children in Cambodia. Ronald Gerard Boyajian, Erik Leonardus Peeters, and Jack Louis Sporich were prosecuted under a new initiative, that aims to crack down on U.S. citizens who travel abroad, often to Cambodia, to prey on kids. All three men had previously been convicted of sex offenses in the U.S. • A Maine man has been arrested - for the second time - for climbing down into the waste pit in an outhouse. Gary Moody claims he went into the pit to rescue his shirt, which he says he put on the outhouse seat "because outhouse seats are dirty." No shit, but whats underneath them is way, way worse. • Samar Saed Abdullah has been condemned to die for being accessory to the murder of three men. She claims that her husband committed the murders, yet he remains on the loose while she faces hanging. Her parents swear she is innocent, and claim the Iraqi police tortured her into confessing. • Ever wondered what it is like to be a baby? Philosopher Alison Gopnik says: "When we travel for instance, we are suddenly surrounded by an unexpected new world and, instead of just focusing on the important things, we take in lots of information at once. That actually makes us more vividly conscious of our surroundings, not less. I think that for babies, every day is like first love in Paris." • Meet Calvino Inman, a young boy who cries tears of blood. Even though vampires are so in right now, this poor kid's condition sound terrible, not to mention painful. • To celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in Vermont, Ben & Jerry's has announced they are temporarily changing the name of the delicious classic "Chubby Hubby" to "Hubby Hubby."

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Aesop's Foibles.

Goddamn fucking mosquitos. I'm sitting here reading this, absentmindedly scratching my maimed ankles, and feel something wet on my fingers. I accidentally ripped off one of my (many) scabs and now it's bleeding it's ass off. And itching all the while, no less. They only bite my ankles, for whatever reason, and every year around this time, my lower legs are covered in welts and scabby-looking patches. There's more bite than leg, basically. I say, let the little motherfuckers go suck on their own stupid blood and scratch themselves to death and leave my fat ankles alone.

Sorry. That bit just really hit home for me.