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Straight Shooter

Illustration for article titled Straight Shooter

[Hadath, Lebanon; July 29. Image via Getty]

Magnum Shooting Club 2008 Champion Saydeh Hajjar, 25, poses at the shooting club in the Lebanese town of Hadath, east of Beirut on July 29, 2009. Guns are popular in Lebanon, where civil war raged from 1975-1990. The Magnum Shooting Club, established in 1995, accepts clients fron the age of ten, accompagnied by their parents. Professional and amateur gun enthusiasts are trained in the art of pistol shooting, a sport the club managers say demands top mental and physical fitness. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH BARRAK (Photo credit should read JOSEPH BARRAK/AFP/Getty Images)


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How come she's not quoted in the caption? Did someone silence'er?