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Stop The Presses! Sarah Jessica Did NOT Exploit Her "Sex And The City" Character For New Fragrance!

Illustration for article titled Stop The Presses! Sarah Jessica Did NOT Exploit Her Sex And The City Character For New Fragrance!

Yesterday, we bitched about the news of Sarah Jessica Parker's new, sassy-sounding scent Covet, accusing the actress of cashing in on her years as Sex And The City's stylish, lovable goofball Carrie Bradshaw in the fragrance's new ad campaign.


But we were wrong! Or so says Sarah Jessica, who says she finds all the SATC-derived offers that come her way just so, so distasteful:

"There have been so many opportunities to trade on Carrie Bradshaw, and I decline those so much because they really feel vulgar to me," she said. "The difference between this and taking advantage of an audience that way is that we're not ending with this romance; we're not telling a story. We're not throwing a man in there. We're making this about your own, individual sort of unleashed act."


Get that? Think of Sarah Jessica's latest performance as a stylish, adorable klutz not as Carrie Bradshaw, fashion-obsessive but as Carrie Bradshaw: Deranged but well-dressed spinster!

For Parker, More Scents In The City [WWD]
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