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Stoli And Silks: Lacroix Fall 2007 Couture

Illustration for article titled Stoli And Silks: Lacroix Fall 2007 Couture

"Lacroix, sweetie! Lacroix!" Yes, in the wonderful world of Absolutely Fabulous, nothing made booze-drenched has-beens Patsy and Edina's hearts go pitter-patter quite like the thought of the work of the French master of decadence. However, it's wrong to associate Lacroix purely with that 1990s, British-funded caricature of fashion victimhood; after all, could there be anything fresher or more exciting than Monsieur Lacroix's most recent couture showing? Vera and Marc take note: This is what a real Russian revival looks like. And, uh, a sorta Spanish one too! The Lacroix Fall 2007 couture collection harkens back to a romanticized era of that which was, somewhere far far away from the Western world of today. But the best part is that despite (or perhaps in spite?) of the seemingly over-the-top decadence, Lacroix's clothes exude a sense of incomparable ease. Image gallery, after the jump.


Christian Lacroix Fall 2007 Couture []

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Though I may I be stoned to death by some fashionistas for asking— I have always wondered: where the hell would you wear something like this?

Parenthetically, it IS gorgeous.