Stimulate This!

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When Congress and the President announced the economic stimulus plan ($600 for almost everyone, we think!), I'm pretty sure they intended us to spend it on things like capital purchases, consumer goods and services, most of which would hopefully be Made In America and thus stimulate the economy. Whoops! But it turns out there are some things that are getting stimulated, both economically and otherwise: the porn industry.


The Adult Internet Market Research Company reports that, in their survey, most sites have seen a 20-30 percent membership growth since the checks began to hit mailboxes in May. What, like Fleshbot isn't good enough for you pervs once you guys have money?

But it's not just American pervs using economic boons to relieve some stress. Brazil has seen a huge spike in sex toy sales in recent years as the economy has taken off and some modest wealth has been redistributed to the lower-middle class, which they've apparently used to buy lingerie, porn and imported sex toys. But it's not just men - women account for 70-80 percent of adult sales according to Evaldo Shiroma, president of the sex goods indsutry trade association.

I have to say, when I finally (supposedly) get my long-awaited stimulus check, I'm not spending it on porn sites, though I'll admit that if my vibrator finally bites it I will be buying a new one regardless (that's an emergency purchase on a par with needing coffee or alcohol, though). But it's cool to know that once women have just enough money stop worrying about how to feed, clothe and house themselves and their families, they get on with their naughty selves and start getting it on - even if that's just in Brazil. Maybe if we could get that started in Ohio or Kansas, we would talk less about the red state-blue state divide and more about the plug-in vs. battery-powered schism. One could hope, anyway.

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Yeah, I haven't gotten a stimulus check and if I do get one I won't be using it to stimulate anything other than my savings account.