Stiletto Shoes + British Women = Bad News

Good thing Victoria Beckham has moved Stateside: Something's rotten in the British Isles and it isn't just Islamic terrorists. Yesterday's report about the just-married Scottish bride who put a puncture-wound in her new husband's head with a stiletto sounded familiar... probably because just last week, we read about a 25-year-old former prostitute in Glasgow who robbed a 70-year-old man and seriously injured him by, among other things, jumping on his head wearing stilettos. But it's not just the Scots! A year ago, a 21 year old woman from a Lancashire town used her heel to bash a guy in the face outside a bar that her older brother had just been thrown out of.

And don't forget the horsewoman who, in a drunken rage, kicked a poor policeman in the shin with her stiletto. Or the a 31-year-old British mother of two who was ordered to pay an off-duty soldier some £170 ($346) to compensate for smacking him in the head with her heel. Actually, she claims he pinched her butt at a bar. Taking that into account, he probably deserved it.


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