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Sticky Icky Icky

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As Whoopi Goldberg mentioned this morning on The View, marijuana is a lot stronger these days than it used to be. According to analysis from the University of Mississippi's Potency Monitoring Project, "the average amount of THC reached 9.6 percent in 2007, compared with 8.75 percent the previous year." The stiffs in D.C. say that this means that pot is so much more dangerous than previously thought. However, they didn't give any data to back up that assertion. Maybe they were high. [ABC News]


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@Zlevee: FFS- it is not a "group" it is a review article in the Lancet. The body of evidence has been enough that a previously pro-legalisation newspaper The Independent decided to change its views on whether cannabis should be legalised. This is backed up by NGOs that advise the government.

If you had seen young boys- forced to go into adult psychiatric wards becuase of shortage of beds- with their lives destroyed by this you wouldn't be so quick to "call bullshit"

I am not going to find more references for this, look them up yourself. Like a lot of research some findings go one way, some the other. We need to think aboutwhat the evidence is at the moment and help young people accordingly.