Stick A Fork In Faye Dunaway

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The Academy Award-winning turns 70 years young today; to celebrate, why not don a beret and turn to a life of crime? Or maybe just watch Network.


Oh, and here's some Bonnie and Clyde with a side of Bon Jovi, just to get you in the mood for any forthcoming shenanigans (particularly those involving late-night karaoke).

Have a good weekend!

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Just finished "Catching Fire". I am convinced that if I had a child I would not let them read these books. Not because I find them too violent. My parents protected me from scary/violent media and I just made up disturbing shit in my head (i.e Percy Weasly, Dumbledore and Snape all being trapped in a house and shitting/puking worms that were also crawling out of their pores*)

They make me so fucking anxious and stressed. Even when I guess the twists, I still freak out. I was the kid who (while loving the series) was actively rooting for Harry Potter to die. I was disappointed when he survived! And here I am freaking out because what if Katniss dies? How will I continue existing? (This is halfway through the second book in a trilogy, told through the first person. I think she's going to make it.)

Since I think of all books in terms of how I would adapt it to a film (truth!), I have been imagining which actors I would cast. Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) is too old for Katniss but I think I could love her as Johanna. Of course, every time I think of Finnick I imagine Zapp Brannigan. They are different people (Finnick can do what Zapp claims he can) but damn it if I don't hear every word from Finnick's mouth in Zapp's sultry voice.

I need help.