Steubenville Rape Victim Asks for Donations to Battered Women's Shelter

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In the wake of the Steubenville verdict, many are feeling helpless about what to do now. Mobilizing around programs that teach everyone — especially children — the value of personhood, even if that person happens to be a woman, has become a very worthwhile cause — and it's exciting to witness the powerful conversations happening around the subject. Let's keep it going!

Another way people want to contribute is financially. Awesomely, loads of folks apparently inquired about donating to the legal fees of the victim. Back in January, Jane Doe's attorney, Bob Fitzsimmons, who took the case pro bono, said that the family wished for all donations to go to the Madden House in Wheeling, an emergency safe-shelter for women who are rebuilding their lives. Since her legal fees are covered, this seems like a fine way to honor her wishes, and help ladies at the same time.


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This is amazing and I am so proud of Jane Doe for being so selfless in the wake of a horrible personal struggle. It's great that her family is rallying around her, too, as a strong support system is often the greatest asset to a survivor in recovery.

All of that said, I absolutely hate the term "battered women's shelter." It takes all of the agency away from a woman (or man, as the case may be, although it seems as though Madden House specifically caters to female domestic abuse victims) who has taken a great risk in leaving an abusive situation. I wish the phrase could be retired.