Stephen Colbert To Samantha Power: "I'm Willing To Say That John McCain Is A Minotaur"

Stephen Colbert celebrated St. Paddy's Day yesterday with quite the Celtic coup: an in-studio appearance by Samantha Power, the Ireland-born former Obama foreign policy adviser, Jezecrush and apparent victim of foot-in-mouth disease. (As you'll remember, Power famously - and not necessarily unfairly — called Hillary Clinton a "monster" last week.) Colbert gave Power a little bit of good-natured shit about the Clinton gaffe, then settled down and got "serious" when discussing Power's new book, Chasing The Flame, about the life and foreign policy genius of the late Brazilian diplomat Sergio Vieira De Mello. A video of Colbert's Hillary Clinton callout above, and more about Power's book, after the jump.


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Hot Obama Adviser Samantha Power F***s Up Big Time


@SmoothLeather: Yes, but as the NY Times article pointed our, she calls herself the "Genocide Chick". It's just a little too important to her to still be seen as sexy, which seems silly and narcissistic when she's talking about the systematic murder of innocents. She diminshes herself by insisting on being referred to as such.

Her latest book sounds interesting, and I hope it sells well ins spite of her controversy. It is about Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN envoy who was killed in the bombing of the UN HQ in Baghdad. For all the hate directed towards the US from the UN, it was the US who warned that the Bagdhad UN HQ was vulnerable to terrorist attack and that they should relocate to a site within the Green Zone. The UN, as per usual, chose to do nothing, and Mellor was killed there not long afterwards.