Last night, Stephen Colbert grilled Gloria Steinem on being one of the ur-generals in the battle against men-and winning. "The idea was, you should pardon the expression, equality," she replied. But maybe she'd agree that children were the real enemy?


No, not really. But she did point out research showing that men who share in childrearing and home responsibilities are "healthier, live longer and have better sex."

Colbert also found a way to argue that the pay gap actually means women are better — "because they do the same job for 25 percent less money."


Steinem, who also appeared on Katie Couric's web show with Women's Media Center president Jehmu Green yesterday, appears to have been called upon by the media to discuss — or dispel — the so-called conservative "year of the woman."

Colbert remarked that it seemed like there were more female elected officials among Republicans than Democrats. "I don't think so," said Steinem briskly.

"I don't think so either," he said, "but it sure feels that way if you look at the press right now."


Our favorite kind of reporting. Steinem had more time to expound on conservative female politicians with Couric, seen here.


Steinem On Palin: Feminists Don't Criminalize Abortion [CBS News]

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I'm so glad she went on Colbert. I feel like his demographic is exactly the audience that people are talking about when they say "Young women are less worried about abortion politics" and say "Oh I'm not a feminist..."

There could have been more substance to the interview, but if comedy is what draws that demographic (my demographic!), it's better to get a truncated, comedic version of Steinem's message out than nothing!