Stephen Colbert Has Something To Say About Sesame Street

In response to attacks by conservatives over a supposed political agenda, a Sesame Workshop rep says: "Grumpy, grouchy, contrarian Oscar the Grouch...shows kids that you can listen to someone with a very different world view... without losing your own perspective."

However, last night, Stephen Colbert, at his grumpy, grouchy, contrarian best, showed that he is onto Sesame Street and its producers' agenda, and no amount of placating sound-bytes would mollify him! Or the happily counting kids in the vintage clips he produced as evidence.


‘Sesame Street' Producers Respond To ‘Pox News' Dispute [NY Times]

Stephen Colbert Mops Up ‘Sesame Street' [NY Times]

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Yes bigoted conservatives, god forbid your demon spawn watch Sesame Street and grow up to not be horrible people. Yeah, I called them horrible people, flame away.