On Wednesday night, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. She was, as always, the smart teacher who talks with her hands and really makes you want to do better in school. Warren and Colbert spoke about a broad range of subjects, from the presidential primary to her decision to not run, and (inevitably) Donald Trump.

While Colbert tried to coax a primary endorsement out of Warren, she declined, saying instead that the policy disagreements between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had moved the debate to the right place:

“Between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders, they’re talking about whether or not it should it be free college or debt free college. God bless, that is the right place to have the discussion.”


Warren, whom Colbert jokingly referred to as the “combo platter candidate,” a reference to her popularity across the spectrum of the Democratic Party, also spoke about her Trump-focused tweetstorm earlier this month. (“Let’s be honest,” Warren tweeted, “Donald Trump is a loser.”) Colbert asked if Warren had hit too low and engaged in the name calling behavior more typical of Trump. Warren certainly didn’t think so, reiterating many of the points she made on social media.

One of the interview’s better exchanges was when Colbert asked if Warren and Trump had any common ground, particularly since the Republican frontrunner has signaled interest in reforming the tax system, particularly when it comes to hedge funds. Warren didn’t agree. “Calling on Donald Trump for help [on the economy] is like if your house is on fire and calling an arsonist for help,” Warren said to applause.