Does anyone at Girl Scouts USA want us to buy their cookies anymore? First, some GSUSA members are boycotting over the right to pee outdoors and now, in a darker turn, we have this robotic young lady asking you to forgo your annual box of Samoas because the Girl Scouts organization has recently become cool enough to admit transgender members. The girl, who almost has a Leslie Knope-pluck to her (I mean, she is organized), certainly has the right to state when something makes her feel unsafe or uncomfortable — but she ultimately reveals herself to be an ignorant young bigot.

Sorry to be counterproductive, tiny transphobe, but all your argument does is make me want to make a fat donation to the Girl Scouts organization. Think of what I'd be funding: a place for transgender girls to experience, as this girl puts it, a place "to be yourself and who you are, not something that you are not."

Cookie Boycott Launched Over Girl Scouts' Inclusion Of Transgender Members [Joe. My. God]