Steele-ing For "Seniors' Health Care Bill Of Rights"

RNC Chairman Michael Steele writes in a Washington Post column today that he will protect senior citizens from health care reform and "prevent government from dictating the terms of end-of-life care."

Obama's government-run health "reform" would pay for seniors' meetings with a doctor to discuss end-of-life care. While nonthreatening at first, something that is quite normal for a family to do becomes troublesome when the government gets involved. Seniors know that government programs that seem benign at first can become anything but. The government should simply butt out of conversations about end-of-life care and leave them to seniors, their families and their doctors.


His entire column could probably be summed with "ZOMG death panels!" As George Stephanopoulos challenged Sen. John McCain when he was on "This Week" yesterday, the panels are a misrepresentation of what's actually in the bill. Since the bill proposes voluntary sessions that simply council family members on the costs of treatment, seniors could ask the government to "butt out" whenever they like.

The column also claims that cuts to Medicaid are coming with reform, something Steele himself once said had to be on the table.

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