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Harlequin Mills & Boon, the publishing company known for its romance novels, will be entering the market in India for the first time on February 4, reports the Times of London. Andrew Go, the head of the Indian operation says: "India is crazy about true romance. Look at the basic Bollywood plot: boy meets girl; conflict; happy ending." Romance novels have found their way into the country for decades, but now the titles will actually be printed in there and tailored for an Indian audience. First up? A tome called Virgin Slave, Barbarian King. Wait, what? [Times]



@eatsshootsleaves: huh. i read a really crappy one a few years ago, and that makes me wonder if this company had different people on each PAGE. it was very disjointed, ie: "she reached over the back of the chair and caressed his neck" and then on the next page "he turned from the window". i spent half the book trying to figure out where the hell in the rooms the people were standing. cuz seriously, it made NO SENSE.