STD Website Just Like Facebook, if Facebook Accused You of Having an STD

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It's almost Valentine's Day! Want to hear something romantic? There's a chance your name and photo is on a site where anyone — seriously, anyone — can accuse you of carrying an STD. Better yet, the site is completely open to the public and there's practically nothing you can do about it.


STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services (heads up: the site is an absolute flash nightmare) was founded by the Portland, Oregon-based Cyrus Sullivan and, like all great stories, it starts with a girl. Says Sullivan:

It was based on a personal experience. I was dating some chick during college who didn't disclose to me that she had herpes. I was kind of upset about that, and I kind of created the site and put her on there as kind of like, the first person. It kind of made me look like I was looking for revenge, but I actually wasn't doing it for revenge.

Yes, ruining someone's reputation because they were dishonest and harmful towards you sounds nothing like revenge. Other examples of not-revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo (Edmond Dantes really went to that prison island and created a whole new identity because he was bored, Kill Bill (David Carradine's death was a mercy killing, but they cut the scene where he begs the Bride to do it), and O, the movie starring Josh Hartnett that the play Othello was based on.

Sullivan sees his site, which has over 1,ooo names registered so far, as an act of public service. According to the site's mission statement, "It is our goal that by promoting the sharing of information that we can ultimately protect you health from dangerous diseases while protecting your civil liberties and providing quality entertainment." Protecting my civil liberties AND providing quality entertainment? Get this Sullivan character a Nobel Prize already!

And for the huge number of people on this site who probably don't have STDs, but were simply victims of vindictive dirtbags? Or for the number of people who think that their health is none of the Internet's goddamn business? Too bad, unless you're willing to send a doctor's test results to Sullivan, proving you're STI free:

It's removable if you send in a negative test result. It's not always true that when something is on the web it could be there forever. If somebody's on it, and I remove it, it's going to disappear eventually — unless some other people decide to search engine copy and post links to it.


Cyrus Sullivan should change his name to Professor Geocities, because he definitely understands how the Internet works.

Another fun fact about Sullivan: he runs two other sites. One for identifying Internet bullies and another for reporting illegal aliens. What a fun, self-aware guy. Whoever he chooses to be his Valentine sure will be a lucky girl— she might even get a website made for her.


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Madeline, not only do I love your posts because we share the same name, but because they are hilariously sarcastic. The little bit about O and Othello just about killed me. Especially since others down thread seem to not know that you were, in fact, joking.