Stay-At-Home Motherhood Will Make You Pine For Corporate Jargon, Crap Pay

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Today's Wall Street Journal features a profile of something called mommy SWAT teams — teams of highly-skilled stay-at-home moms (Smart Women with Available Time) so stir-crazy and intellectually starved they hire themselves on the cheap to handle "crash projects" for companies. Don't read the story; it's so packed with jargon that my stay-at-home brain had troubles following it! (The genesis of the SWAT came about when a business school, seeking professionals to "role play challenging management scenarios" for a "simulation training" component of "Leadership "Class, discovered they could just use plain old housewives attained by "tapping into neighborhood networks", which I think means the same thing as "Everything I coughed up $150,000 for an MBA to learn I could have just found out from my mom, but you knew that anyway.") So anyway, let's cut to the chase: I can sympathize with the restlessness of stay-at-home moms, but isn't there something sad about this?


Namely, that highly-skilled mothers are so starved for an intellectual stimulation they'll sell their services for rock-bottom temp salaries, to large for-profit corporations like LendingTree, just to get out of the house? I mean, it does kind of undermine the whole notion that people sell out to Corporate America for the money. On the other hand, isn't that what these highly-skilled ex-fund managers and marketing executive moms were thinking when they sold out to Corporate America the first time around? Otherwise wouldn't they have just gone to work for nonprofits? And where are the nonprofits to hire these broads now?

How Stay-At-Home Moms Are Filling An Executive Niche [WSJ]



In the words of a wisewoman (Mama La Comtesse) "When you become a mother, particularly stay at home, but any kind of mother at all, it is very easy to lose yourself. It is a constant struggle to maintain your own identity and be a good mom. It's the mark of a strong woman who can do it and a badge of honor."

*sigh* so cool, that broad.

Oh, and for those of you who have not worked non-profit, please don't romanticize it. There are very few depts in a non-profit organization that are not 10% more money obsessed than a giant evil corporation. Granted, the motivation for said obsession is nobler, but still, I caution anyone who thinks its this idyllic, bucolic Utopia where money doesn't count...