States That Hate Gays the Most Also Like Watching Gay Sex the Most

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Today in news that will shock no one: according to a leading online pornslinger Pornhub, states that lead the country in watching dudes get it on also lead the country in enacting anti-gay policies. Hating gays is perhaps the gayest thing a person can do.


Turns out, according to the data Pornhub released to Buzzfeed (both made-up words, according to your grandpa), the states with the highest percentage of gay porn searches were Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia. But they weren't the only sub-Mason-Dixon Line states that are, in the words of David Covucci at BroBible "just crushing gay porn." Every southern state boasted a porn watching population that was simply more into gay porn than the Yanks.

It feels very poetic justice-y to imagine that all of these porn searches are carried out by men who are basically Kevin Spacey's closeted ex-military neighbor from American Beauty. But reality might not be as neat. While there is a correlation between homophobia and self-loathing over homosexual urges, it's also possible that there are more gay porn searches in more "homophobic" states because it's less socially acceptable to publicly seek sexual release from a same sex partner. Rather than risk pursuing gay sex in public, a gay man in a socially hostile place might seek sexual release by searching for porn online, away from public judgment and possible ostracization. In other words, maybe more porn searches means it's more dangerous for gays, not that there are more gays.


Or maybe Mike Huckabee-esque dudes really like to unwind at the end of the day with some hot man-on-man action. I apologize in advance for the nightmares the previous sentence might induce.

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