American Sisters Arrested For Taking Butt Selfies in Cambodian Temple

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Two sisters from Arizona were arrested and sentenced to deportation on Saturday after attempting to take "nude pictures" of themselves in Cambodia's Preah Khan temple.


According to ABC News, the short-lived badassery of Yung Douchebags Lindsay Adams, 22, and Leslie Adams, 20, marks "the second time in the last fortnight that tourists visiting the sprawling temple complex have been caught without their clothes. Three French tourists were deported last weekend after they pleaded guilty to taking nude pictures of each other inside another temple within the complex."

The Preah Khan temple is part of the Angkor temple complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site and Cambodia's biggest tourist destination. It is considered a sacred site, and authorities expect it to be treated as such:

"Perhaps they did not know Angkor is a holy site. But their inappropriate activities affect the sanctity of the place," [Chau Sun Kerya, a spokeswoman for the Apsara Authority] told AFP.

That may be true, but it's pretty clear that something about this place is compelling people to take off their pants. I mean, come on—how are you supposed to really experience a holy site without touching your naked butt to things and snapping mad pics? What even is the point of visiting an otherworldly 1,000-year-old temple if you can't bring photographic evidence of your ass in said temple back to your girls in Arizona?

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A Small Turnip

Stassa Edwards wrote an article about this fiasco on Jezebel only yesterday. Why the need for two different authors to write up and publish two different pieces on the same event twice in 24 hours?