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In Dr. Joyce Brothers' advice column today, someone known only as "B.T." writes: "I graduated from college midyear, and... I've been scrambling for a job. When I got a job offer at a small entertainment industry tabloid, I [thought] I'd be pretty happy. But it turns out that they just make up half the stories, and I really am not comfortable doing this. I thought I could do it if all the other employees did it, but I find myself lying awake at night. What do you think — should I quit?" OMG! Unhappy camper! We scoured the mastheads of In Touch, Us, Life & Style, OK! and Star, and we can't find a B.T. (Well, Bobbie Thomas works for In Touch, but she is not a recent graduate, and Thomas is not her real last name.) Does anyone reading this work at a "small tabloid" and want to out their miserable coworker? We don't want to get anyone in trouble; we just want to know which tab is making up half their stories. (Uh, all of them?) If anybody wants to (anonymously!) start snitchin', drop us a line at [Seattle P-I]

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@BiscuitDoughJones: You forgot Butt Trinkets. Not as cool as Arse Trinkets, but a close second. Boner Tiddlywinks sounds like a lot of fun though.