Start Screaming, There's Not Enough Ice Cream

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Dana Zemack has been making stick figure comics since she was 12. This week, she made one just for us.


We're at the tail end of National Ice Cream Month, and if everyone else in the country happened to share my continuous craving for ice cream (or gelato or sorbet, as long as it looks good in a cone), I could decisively say that the U.S. demand for ice cream might possibly be at an all time high. But what if we run out? In light of the very scary Good Humor shortage that befell us last month, and an apparent Uber ice cream delivery fail just a little while ago, I must admit that I have some concerns. Sure, Anderson Cooper might not be worried about it, but I sure am, as are all these innocent children. (I suppose I could always seek out one of these, but what if it rains?)


Not to be overly dramatic or anything, but based purely on the fact that the bodega across the street from my house ran out of Chunky Monkey yesterday, I predict that soon we're all going to be screaming because there's not enough ice cream.

Or not.

Happy National Ice Cream Month! (What's left of it, anyway.)

Today is Dana's birthday, and it will be the best ever if you check out all of her stick figures at Or follow her on Twitter.

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EisenBolan, SJW

Just remember the price of ice cream will go up while farmers still get their subsidies including Bachmann.