Last night, Barneys New York in Los Angeles hosted a party for the debut of Rogan For Target. Rogan, the company known for its $250 jeans, is teaming up with Target so us mere middle and lower-class mortals can get our hands on "designer" denim. Attending the party were stars of film and television: Marcia Cross, Rachel Bilson, Sanaa Lathan, Felicity Huffman, Becki Newton, Amy Smart, Gabrielle Union, The Hills' Whitney Port and many more. Who wore Good, who wore Bad and who wore Ugly? Find out, after the jump.

The Good:

Felicity Huffman keeps it simple and showcases toned shoulders.

Gabrielle Union's little summer dress is pretty cute. She should take her hands out of her pockets, though.


Love the color and drape of Joy Bryant's dress. Beachy keen!


Love the color of Becki Newton's dress, too! Just one piece can look so chic.

Sanaa Lathan, golden girl. She looks so great in this dress I'm willing to forgive the borderline shoes.


Rachel Bilson's jacket and skirt seem sophisticated, but I'm torn on the shoes. They're sort of cool and new and different and they're sort of horrifying. I like the rest so much I'm erring on the side of Good.

The Bad:


Maria Cross: Meh. The shoes are too heavy, in my opinion. A thin-strap sandal for a more bare look might be better.

Yeah, I don't know, Mena Suvari. Part of me likes the Pat Benatar thing she's got going, the other part of me winces, because how long can we do '80s?


Amy Smart is a lovely lady, but this dress is bad. The neckline is bad, the belt is bad and I think the fabric is bad.


Is Elizabeth Banks wearing a wardrobe castoff from Sophia Coppola's Virgin Suicides?

Zoe Saldana's hemline is a gynecologist's dream.


Nicky Hiton looks awkward, like an overgrown baby doll.

I think Lost alum Maggie Grace looks pretty but the satin shorts are killing me. They're super cute if you're playing the role of Miss Adelaide is Guys And Dolls, but otherwise, no.


I like Kelly Rutherford's blouse. I like Kelly Rutherford's skirt. I love Kelly Rutherford's shoes. I do not like them all together. Maybe if the blouse wasn't quite so buttoned up and the skirt were longer? I don't know.

The Ugly:


Sophia Bush is gorgeous; this weird zippered apron dress and chunky brown shoes are not.

Oh, Whitney Port. So many trends, so little time.

[Images via FilmMagic.]