If you're reading this and you're living in the state of Pennsylvania, for the love of God: Please vote tomorrow. Clearly, the hip hop community shares my sentiments, as the National Hip Hop League staged a Vote 2008 event in Philadelphia yesterday, encouraging young adults to get off their asses and head to the polls. Leading the charge was none other than Russell Simmons, who recruited stars like Ciara, Lil Mama, Flo-Rida, O'Neal McNight, poker players Diane Nguyen and Heather Smith, Emily King, Rocsi and Valeisha Butterfield to his cause. Who looked good? Who looked bad? Who looked ugly? It's all after the jump. But really: Who cares? Just vote, please.

The Good:

Will someone get me O'Neal McNight's sweatshirt? Seriously. Please.

Flo-Rida looks hot, rockin' his old-school style. But as the ladymags would say, where is the personal style in this?


I'm crushing on hip-hop grandpa Russell Simmons.


Never has one little t-shirt looked so little — but also hot! — as it does on Ciara.

The Bad:


Sure, Diane Nguyen and Heather Smith have game (they're top poker players, after all) — but really: Couldn't they have added some flair to their 'Rock the Vote' shirts?

Likewise, Emily King: Is that a polo shirt with a camo jacket? Are you even trying?


Is Rocsi wearing her Madonna costume? Or her Frank Sinatra costume? (Or, worst of all, her Ashlee Simpson costume?!)


Dear Valeisha Butterfield: Shiny + bandage dress = Bad idea.

The Ugly:


All those colors + all those checkerboard squares = One big headache-inducing Lil Mama outfit.

[Images via FilmMagic.]