Stars Ring Out The Old - Thank God

All over the world, they're out of control: for the stars' sakes, let's get this sartorial year over with and start afresh!

Samuel Jackson and wife La Tanya Richardson Jackson acclimate with the use of the shiny jacket, in Capri.


Although Sam's Ode on a Grecian Urn probably fits the bill, too.

In Las Vegas, Kim Kardashian hosts a party at the grand opening of the Eve nightclub. Hence, one supposes, the Beyonce-meets-Tarzan getup.


...and, as Elsa Pataky shows, this is the most demure pose she can strike in this Capri-ready gown.


Prince Emmanuel Filiberto of Savoy (with impeccable wife Clotilde Courau, in Capri) can do that with a scarf and a suit if he wants: he's a prince.

[Images via Getty]

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