Starbucks Employees Will Stop Writing "Race Together" On Cups

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Starbucks announced that, beginning Sunday, it will no longer ask employees to write "Race Together" on customers' cups. But don't worry, spokesman Jim Olson insists that it's not a response to the entire world pointing out that this was an incredibly stupid idea to begin with.


Nope, phasing out the handwritten messages was planned all along.

Via the AP:

...the cups were always "just the catalyst" for a broader conversation, and the company will still hold forum discussions, co-produce special sections in USA TODAY and put more stores in minority communities as part of the Race Together initiative.

So don't worry, though they're phasing out writing on cups, Starbucks will still continue to be the official brand of complicated dialogues on race.

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I really doubt any of the Starbucks actually wrote on the cups or had conversations. The one I got to (because you may take my life but you'll never take my chai latte!) thought it was hilariously stupid.

Anyone who has ever worked retail or food service knows big companies try and do these idiotic things every so often and the actual people in the trenches do everything they can to not participate because everyone knows it's stupid. Back in my Borders (RIP) days, the CEO decided every employee should carry around a book they have decided to focus on at all times and we had to hand sell it to every customer we spoke to. "Here you go, sir, the WWII books are right here. Can I also interest you in this book called The Girls From Ames? It's about a group of women as they grow up and what the true meaning of friendship is. Only $19.95!" Guess how many of us did that? Zero.