Star Jones Admits to Being a Big Fat Liar

Star Jones returned to The View today for the first time since she announced she was leaving the show—live on air, to Barbara Walter's surprise/chagrin—six years ago. Naturally, her unfinished business with Babs and the rest of the co-hosts had to be addressed before she was allowed to talk about the real reason for her appearance (American Heart Month). And so they spent an entire segment talking about how troubled they all were when they had to lie to everyone about Star's gastric bypass surgery, and how, prior to her surgery, they all really wanted to tell her how fat she was and how shitty she looked, but were afraid she'd get mad. Now, though, Star admits that she was lying when she said she felt healthy and thought she looked beautiful at 300 lbs. So everybody wins?



Bloop bloop bloop, Star.

And in other news, I LOVE the color Elizabeth's dress.