Star Basketball Player Chokes to Death on Gum While Asleep

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In what seems like a tragic urban legend come to life, a star basketball player at California University of Pennsylvania was found dead on Sunday morning. Authorities believe that Shanice Clark may have choked to death when she fell asleep chewing gum.


Clark who was a forward on the school's basketball team, The Vulcans, is being mourned by the student body and her death is baffling authorities. While the cause is believed to be accidental gum aspiration, blood tests and an autopsy are pending. Death by choking on chewing gum is rare, and others who have suffered the same fate have generally been awake. Choking on gum is usually much more hazardous to children than adults.

Geraldine M. Jones, the school's interim president, has released the following statement:

"Our thoughts today are with the family of Shanice Clark, a senior from Ontario, Canada, who passed away early this morning.

"On behalf of California University of Pennsylvania, I extend my deepest sympathy to all of Shanice's family and friends. She will be missed by her teammates and coaches, her classmates, and by the entire campus community."

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Ugh, how tragic....andjust confirms my belief that gum is the worst. The WORST. (I hate the sound of snapping and popping gum as much as the woman in Chicago (the musical, not the city) and I also have touched a few too many pieces of already chewed gum on the underside of desks and chairs in my time).