Stage Mothers Predict Which Kid Star Will End Up In Rehab

Things on I Know My Kid's a Star have been getting super ugly as the competition nears the end. Danny Bonaduce had the moms on his morning radio show, and he asked them which of the children will end up in rehab first. (Notice he said "first" rather than "at all.") The women decided that little Mary Jo will be the first to just say yes to drugs and check-in to a 12 step program... because her mother was briefly married to a cross-dresser. Clip above.

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@Charlotte Corday: It's definitely a very delicate balance, and I think the key to keeping kids sane is in maintaining that balance. Parents have to remember that their children are still children. My little sisters easily make far more money in a year than I do, but, you know, they are still 9 and 11 and should be treated as such. Just because they have the earning potential of adults doesn't make them adults.

Also, my sisters go to plain old regular public school for about 75% of the school year, which I think is really important. They are home-schooled briefly occasionally when they go to LA for pilot season or to film something, but other than those few weeks out of the year, they are just normal kids growing up in a North Carolina suburb.