Stage Moms Come To Blows Over Hair Weaves On I Know My Kid's A Star

It was pretty obvious from the get go that any interpersonal dramz on I Know My Kid's a Star would take place between the stage parents. On last night's episode, flashy mom Rocky decided to give herself a haircut so that she "wouldn't outshine [her] daughter" in the competition. Alai's mother Gigi — another strong character in the house — wasn't buying Rocky's story of her perfectly layered 'do, and went searching through the house to find discarded weave tracks. Why? Because she wanted to prove that Rocky was a liar, but also to "help everyone in America to know that people have weaves." Clip above.

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This show makes me want to vomit. I don't know (in this instance) whom I find more repugnant. Rocky, for lying about her fakeass weave or Gigi, who finds it necessary to prove her a liar. WHAT? Rocky could have some FAKENESS to her? That's like trying to prove the sky is blue. Why do you have to work so hard, Gigi?