Spot The Plus-Size Model In Glamour

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How's that "body image revolution" going for Glamour? Baby steps, but moving forward.


Fresh off a wave of positive publicity for its inclusion of non-size-zero models in its pages, Glamour editor Cindi Leive told New York magazine earlier this week, "We've shot stories for every issue from now through February using fabulous plus-size models, and not just in our feature shoots, but also in fashion and beauty. One of the plus-size models who was featured in our original story is in one of our two major fashion features in December, and looks amazing."

This is good news for anyone who's complained that "love your body" features in women's magazines are relegated to well-meaning corners, near weight loss features yet sequestered from the pole-like, genetically-anomalous, and hungry types that are the standby. So let's take a look at this curvaceous lady in the major fashion shoot in the December issue.

Well, first you have to find her. I paged through the December issue several times but then had to ask to have the plus sized model pointed out to me. This is partly because model Amy Lemons, who also appeared in the November nude shoot, shares the pages with some relatively healthy-looking women (for models). It's also because she appears to be, at most generous estimate, a size 8. The shoot is lovely — exuberant, colorful, even diverse. But plus size? Really?

Of course, Glamour itself admitted that the term was imperfect, in its November spread:

"At most modeling agencies, any girl larger than a size 4 might have trouble getting work because she won't fit the clothes, and over a size 6 she might be moved to the plus division," says Glamour senior bookings editor Jennifer Koehler.


So what do you guys think? Does this count? (By the way: Amy Lemons is the model in the blue and red dresses.)

These Bodies Are Beautiful At Every Size. [Glamour]

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I hear the point. I've heard it 1000 times here. And I agree with it. The exceptionally gorgeous woman in the photographs does not look remotely "plus sized." But, the fact of the matter is that in her profession, she is. She's probably marginalized and has a hard time finding work, makes less money and can't do the same sort of jobs as her model peers because she's maybe a size 6 or 8 and not a 2. No, this isn't a giant leap forward where all of a sudden a lady mag is showing us the full spectrum of humanity - both in size and color - after one successful image of a woman with *gasp!* a very small belly. But, I'll give Glamour credit for beginning to try. They can't reset the business model overnight and no matter what, the available models are going to be gorgeous women. They're models. One way or another they won a genetic lottery because they are capable of making their living off of their looks. It's no different than athletes making a living off of a skill that otherwise has little social value (100 mph accurate fastballs is not a transferable skill). The criticism is valid, but I actually think Glamour deserves more praise. Baby steps maybe, but steps nonetheless. #glamourplussize