Sportscaster Who Insulted Female Ref Continues To Be Awful, Is Fired

Sportscaster Andy Gray, who drew criticism for his disparaging comments about a female line official, has now been fired. The final straw was sexist behavior toward a coworker.


Gray and his co-anchor Richard Keys initially drew fire for their dumb assertion that female line official Sian Massey couldn't possibly understand football's offside rule. Now Gray's been fired — says Sky Sports managing director Barney Francis, "Andy Gray's contract has been terminated for unacceptable behaviour. After issuing a warning yesterday, we have no hesitation in taking this action after becoming aware of new information today." That new information would be the clip above, in which Gray suggests that co-presenter Charlotte Jackson might like to help him stuff his microphone in his pants.

Gray wasn't the only one caught making sexist comments — Keys has been suspended too, as has reporter Andy Burton, who helps Gray in his all-important quest to evaluate Massey's appearance here:

The saddest thing about all this is that, as a result of the scandal, Massey has had to take a break from officiating. Mike Riley, general manager of Professional Game Match Officials, tells the Guardian, "PGMO and Sian believe that with any football match the focus should not be on the officials but on the players and the game itself. That is only fair to those connected with the clubs and their supporters." Of course, it was sexism like Gray's that put the focus on Massey's gender in the first place. It's a relief that Gray is being punished, but a shame Massey has to suffer the fallout of his stupidity.

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I'm an immigrant from Scotland to Canada, and I have a lot of my old Scottish, football loving male classmates on facebook. There's a thread going about this issue, with all the guys thinking its 'baws' that he got fired, because it was just a bit of 'banter', and its her fault for being so 'slammin' that the guy couldn't possible be at fault for asking for a mic job.

I wanted to jump in that thread SO bad, but it would have been awkward since I haven't actually seen these douches in over 10 years. Is that a cop out since my New Year's resolution was to be more outspoken? Yes. But am I exhausted from explaining sexism and its harm to people on an almost daily basis? Double yes.