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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Waxed Completely Hairless and Covered in Chemicals for Shoot

Illustration for article titled emSports Illustrated/em Swimsuit Model Waxed Completely Hairless and Covered in Chemicals for Shoot

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue strikes again!

In addition to using people as props in their 2013 edition, they apparently required one of the models to wax (?) completely hairless and then cover herself in (apparently) toxic paint. Uh, OK?


From the NY Post:

[Model] Alyssa Miller wore nothing but paint for one spread, which made her hurl. "Within 15 minutes, I had thrown up twice from the powerful chemical fumes," she says in an interview with fashion site Modelinia. And the challenging shoot lasted another 15 hours. She adds of the intimate painting process: "You have to make sure you are completely hairless, which is harder than it sounds. You know all that baby fuzz that covers your body? That has to go."


Don't they have body paint that isn't comprised of chemical death for situations like this? And that completely hairless thing is not only creepy; I'm guessing it was painful. And all so men can masturbate to a magazine that's ostensibly about sports.

Can anyone tell me what the fucking point of the swimsuit issue is (besides sales)? Is there some other explanation for this bullshit? There are about 10 billion ways to access freebie nudes these days, why does anyone pay actual money this bullshit? Sports Illustrated isn't even a men's magazines — sports are enjoyed by everyone! And yet, every cover that's isn't for the swimsuit issue almost exclusively features men. The only women awarded the honor aren't even sports celebrities, they're models in bikinis.

[NY Post]

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I may be a freak in that I would totally be up for being waxed completely hairless, other than my head, at least once. You wouldn't even have to pay me. But I do have a weird fixation on not having body hair. Anyone else? No?