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Sports Bra Saves Stranded Hiker • L.A. Strippers Sue Clubs For Tips

Illustration for article titled Sports Bra Saves Stranded Hiker • L.A. Strippers Sue Clubs For Tips

An American hiker in the Bavarian Alps who was stranded for 3 days was rescued after she attached her sports bra to a cable used by lumberjacks to get their attention. • A new study has found that men are more likely to share their creative work online than women. • Lesbians are barred from donating blood in China because they are semantically lumped in with gay males and therefore thought of as being "high-risk" for HIV. • How long until there is a mass squealing conservative outrage over this JC Penney "teen sex" ad? • Strippers are suing top strip joints in L.A. over unpaid wages and tips and making the strippers pay other workers in the clubs. • Oh, also, high gas prices are hurting legal brothels in Nevada that relied heavily on randy truckers with extra (probably company) cash. Hard times. • The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a resolution to reclassify rape as a "weapon of war." It's about time. • Female college students in England have been warned about whistling at construction workers near their college. However, no complaints have been made and no women have come forward about the whistling.

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@Porpoise Spit has no comment: creative ways around getting caught always included leaving some clothes on. i think i was in my 20s before i had sex with my socks off.